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  Resume Writing, Business Writing and Design by Creative Communication Services, Inc  

Job Search Strategies

Looking for meaningful employment is often time-consuming and takes a good deal of commitment. Locating a position that matches your interests, needs, abilities, and goals may not be easy, but it is time well spent as you go about launching or continuing your career.

Before jumping into specific job-search strategies, take time to consider these points:

  • Even in the toughest economic times, thousands of positions become available and are filled every month.

  • The most qualified candidate does not always get the position. The best jobs, oftentimes, go to the candidates who know the most about how to get the job.

  • By properly presenting your skills and abilities, you can avail yourself of an entire spectrum of opportunities.

  • If you are embarking on your career, your initial decision is not necessarily where you will spend your entire career. The average person graduating this year will have seven or eight positions in three or more different career fields in their lifetime. Nonetheless, your first job may have an impact on the types of jobs for which you will be able to compete successfully in the future.
  • Resume Strategies

    Consider your resume to be your persuasive marketing document. It is:
    • an advertisement that appeals to employers' specific needs by demonstrating your capacity to meet or exceed those needs. It should be impact-oriented and accomplishment focused.
    • a keyword index that represents your knowledge base, hard skills, soft skills, academic/training, qualifications, certifications, work experience, industry focused terminology, and affiliations.
    • a formal business communication with proper vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
    • a unique art form that creates visual appeal and draws the reader's attention to key information.

    Before putting fingers to keyboard, spend some time identifying the kinds of positions you will be seeking -- have a clear target! Develop a market profile of the skills and qualities required for these positions; then inventory your qualifications that match these requirements. Quantify your achievements in your past positions -- what contributions you made to your company, department, or clients. Time spent on this exercise will result in a highly focused document targeted at the position you seek.

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